The Work of Mr. Andy

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Russel and I were both amazed at the lack of good designs for military Tattoos as far as contemporary flash is concerned, but when you look back at the old stuff it's a whole different story. By-and-large, early American Tattooing was entrenched in military culture, with most of the now legendary shops positioned strategically just outside of bases across the U.S. Russel's new Tattoo- a U.S.M.C. Devildog- is a custom design in the vein of the hand-painted flash that decorated those old Parlours. In my opinion, this is how a Tattoo looks best, and anyone who wants a military Tattoo should consider having it done in this style. Beyond the obvious merits- the lasting power of the bold lines, the steadfast legibility of the bright colors, the elegance of simplicity, etc.- Tattoos like these have an unspoken history to them, and are an example of art that is originally American. Not CocaCola-bullshit -American flag magnet on your car- American, real deal- Rock and Roll- get up and do it- American.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joker's Wild

My firend Chris picked this design- nose art from the plane his Grandfather flew in- and we finished it up last night! I feel like it made a really nice tattoo, but even more so than that, I appreciate the sentiment: a great image from a time where great people stood up against real tyranny. Folks from our generation only know of this mentality from lore, and this is, in more than one way, a piece of that lore. I'm not one to linger much in the past or yearn to move backwards in time, but I earnestly feel that we can all learn a thing or ten from our Father's Fathers, and Mother's Mothers.