The Work of Mr. Andy

Thanks for visiting the Flying Tiger Tattoo Blog! This page will feature the art of shop owner Mr. Andy, as well as shop events, goings on, or what ever else seems important or awesome. Shop hours are Monday through Saturday 12-10pm and Sunday 12-5pm. Our address and phone number are listed in the banner above. Feel free to call or stop by!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Visitors From Afar

Hey! This Friday and Saturday, Jimison of Epicenter Tattoo in West Virginia will be coming by to grace the shop with his awesome abilities in the realm of traditional-style tattooing. Come by and get something cool to wear! Just stop in- he'll be here! Also- don't forget- Andrew Wesley Bennett of Rising Tide Tattoo in Newark will be here the week of the 17th, and of course, a big huge thanks to Jemola from Resurrected Tattoo in Syracuse, NY for hanging out and making some really killer art last week! Hooray!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Current Events

 This month we will have two great artists filling in while folks take vacations. Jemola from Resurrected Tattoo in Syracuse New York will be here from June 5th until the 8th, and Andrew Bennett of Rising Tide Tattoo in Newark, Ohio from June 17th until the 23rd. These two make excellent Tattoos, and are great fellows to boot. If you'd like to wear some of their work, stop in while they're here, or contact the shop.
 We've still been having a lot of fun tattooing this Spring. Here are a few designs from the past couple of weeks: