The Work of Mr. Andy

Thanks for visiting the Flying Tiger Tattoo Blog! This page will feature the art of shop owner Mr. Andy, as well as shop events, goings on, or what ever else seems important or awesome. Shop hours are Monday through Saturday 12-10pm and Sunday 12-5pm. Our address and phone number are listed in the banner above. Feel free to call or stop by!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Coming Up!

  A lot of good things are happening this Spring at the Tattoo Shop! Firstly, we will be closed Thursday, March 21st through Monday March 25th. "Closed?!" you may ask, " How can that be good?". I'll tell you how. During that time we will be visiting our friends in Scranton, Pennsylvania for the Electric City Tattoo Convention. We'll be at the Scranton Hilton Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with shirts, flash, and awesome Tattoo designs ready for your patronage. Come see us if you can! It's a great show run by great people!
  After that, we have not one, but two talented guest artists coming to visit in April! On the 12th, 13th, and 14th Ben McQueen of Mass Avenue Tattoo will be here. You can check his work out at and contact him at Then on the 18th and 19th our friend Derek Jimison of Epicenter Tattoo will be around! You can see his work at and hit us up for a spot at 1-513-841-2653. Come check these two out, and have an awesome Spring!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mark of the Beast(s)

Last week I got to finish two large Japanese beasts! The first few photos are from Vince's arm- a Lion-Dog leaping down through storm, rocks and peonies. The last is Josh's Phoenix- which I was happy to complete after a long hiatus on his part. Thanks to the both of you for your persistence and good taste in imagery! Mythological beasts are some of my favorite things to tattoo, especially in a Japanese style. Come see me at the shop if you'd like to wear one!