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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bringin' the Secret Stash to Fort Wayne!

 As mentioned before, I'll be tattooing in Ft.Wayne, Indiana at Cardinal Tattoo August 26-28. I still have a lot of time available, especially on Thursday and Friday, so to promote my trip I'll be bringing along a big book of Owen Jensen flash that not many people have seen, and some copies of really rare Sailor Jerry acetates that I know nobody has, along with some other classic stuff like Ed Hardy and Doc King. I'll be happy to do medium size traditional tattoos directly from, or inspired by these collections for right around a hundred bucks- so get it while you can! As examples, here are a couple of pics- one is a really weird tiger from the Sailor Jerry acetates on my friend Mike Deye, and the other is a black and grey version of a Doc King sparrow. To contact me, call 513-841-2653, or email at, or at Cardinal Tattoo 1509 Spy Run ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana- 260-426-1509 on the 26-28th. Thanks!

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