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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One, Two...One, Two...

When you've worked in Tattoo Shops for awhile, you start to notice patterns- and patterns within patterns- in the way people get tattooed. The strangest part of this experience is that, three times out of four, there is no real explanation or reason as to why random people with no knowledge of each other or each other's decisions are asking for the same stuff on the same day. Sure, some folks come in after each other asking for the same Tattoo they saw on the same celebrity from time to time, but slightly more so are perfect strangers with very similar ideas drawn to the studio in timing with each other. This also poses the challenge of keeping each customer's design unique from the other. Shown below are two examples of two tattoos done twice (in two days, none the less). First, you see a pair of cherry blossom tattoos- the first in a sumi wash style, and the second in solid graphic black with small bits of red- both gorgeous ideas in their own right, and a pleasure to tattoo. Next you'll see two keys, once again- each tattooed on the same day. Even stranger about these is that they are the second set of two keys done on two separate people on the same day, unbeknownst to each other whatsoever- and the last of those four keys, by request of the client and unprovoked, is crowned with the number four! Tell me that's not strange...

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