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Monday, July 16, 2012

Shop News!

 Lots of cool things are happening around the Shop as of late! First and foremost, Sagent Staygold will be back once again from sunny Los Angeles from Thursday until Sunday. If you haven't already, hit him up for a time and get a super-clean classic tattoo! He's the man!
 Next, we are finally fully staffed, and so our hours are extended. You will now be able to stop in and get a Tattoo, or set up an appointment, Monday through Saturday 12-10 pm, and Sunday 12-5 pm.
 Lastly, our apprentice, James, has done his first few tattoos, and is now doing free work on Wednesday nights to build his skills! If you are interested, and understand what it means to be tattooed by an apprentice, stop by Monday-Wednesday, or Saturday and grab a spot. As time goes on, he will be tattooing more days, and eventually be paid for his services accordingly- so if you want to help a brother out, and get a free Tattoo, come get it while you can!

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